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University of Sydney
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Organising Committee

The APIRA 2010 Organising Committee consists of:

Professor James Guthrie (Chair)

Professor, Bologna University; Honorary Professor, University of Sydney

James Guthrie a Professor at Bologna University and an Honorary Professor at The University of Sydney. His research and teaching interests include public sector accounting, auditing, accountability and management, social and environmental reporting and auditing, management of knowledge and intellectual capital and the measurement of intangibles. James's research interests include social and environmental accounting, public sector management, extended performance reporting.

Professor Kerry Jacobs

Australian National University

Kerry Jacobs is Professor of Accounting at the Australian National University in Canberra and he has worked at La Trobe University in Melbourne, the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. His PhD is from Edinburgh he is a fellow of ICAA, CPA and ICANZ and he is an associate editor of Accounting, Auditing and Accountability. Kerry's teaching and research focuses on performance measurement, accountability and control in the public sectors. His particular interest is in public sector oversight and accountability, particularly the work of Public Accounts Committees and Supreme Audit Bodies

Professor Jane Baxter

University of New South Wales

Jane Baxter (School of Accounting, University of New South Wales) is interested in studying management accounting practices using qualitative field research methods. Jane is currently involved in research projects examining strategizing and performance measurement in relation to PPPs.

Dr. Gordon Boyce

Latrobe University

Gordon Boyce is an Associate Professor in the School of Accounting at La Trobe University. His interdisciplinary research encompasses social, critical and interpretive perspectives on accounting, with published papers in environmental and social accounting; public administration, ethics and accountability; interactions between globalisation and accounting; and accounting education. Current research projects focus on the theory and practice of accounting's interrelation with contemporary sociopolitical and environmental issues and the associated role of technologies of accounting and accountability in public discourse.

Professor Michael Gaffikin

Emeritus Professor of Accounting and Finance, University of Wollongong

Michael Gaffikin's primary research interests are in research methodologies, accounting theory and history. He serves on the editorial boards of several international accounting journals and has supervised a large number of doctoral students.

Michael has served on several national committees of accounting professional bodies and has published widely.

Sharron O'Neill

University of Sydney

Sharron O'Neill is a lecturer in Accounting at the University of Sydney. She held previous academic positions at the University of Western Sydney where she taught financial accounting, management accounting and accounting theory at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She also developed and delivered a postgraduate elective unit in Social and Environmental Accounting.

In addition to social and environmental accounting research, Sharron is interested in the theory and practice of accounting education. Her teaching awards include: the 2004 Individual Excellence in Teaching award-UWS College of Law and Business, a Commendation for Excellence in Social Justice - UWS Vice-Chancellors Excellence Awards 2004 and a Highly Commended for Excellence in Teaching -UWS Vice-Chancellors Excellence Awards 2003.

Dr Sudhir Lodh

Senior Lecturer, University of Wollongong

Sudhir Lodh's research interests include: Accounting theory, ERP and accounting, corporate governance and critical studies in accounting

Associate Professor Geoff Frost

University of Sydney

Geoff Frost's current research falls within the field of sustainability management and accounting focusing on the role of accounting and accountants in sustainable management, development of integrated sustainable management systems and the measurement and reporting of non-financial performance. Prior research has been published in both domestic and international refereed accounting and environmental management journals including: ABACUS, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal; Accounting Forum; Australian Accounting Review; Business Strategy and the Environment; Eco-Management and Auditing; Financial Accountability & Management and Journal of Business Ethics.

Associate Professor Chris Poullaos

University of Sydney

Chris Poullaos's main research interests have been the organisation of the accounting profession and accounting history. His (sole and joint-authored) work on the professionalization of accounting in Australia, Britain, Canada, the Philippines and South Africa has appeared in leading international journals and several monographs. He is on the editorial boards of five international journals.